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Yeah that's groovy

[Verse 1]
I think I'm addicted to my dreams
I can't afford to stay long
So I pack up all my things
I hope one day I find a way to show you what you mean
Out with the old and in with the new
I found me a new scheme
I fight a push I mean I wish I can be the one you run to
But I don't have the time to clear my mind because I'm running from a gun too
You reap your soul the things you sold on your sleeve
So I depend on no one while I know that's what it comes too

[Verse 2]
I treat all my family friends and lovers all the same
I'm sacrificing them all
For it's more than a game
When Michael is vicing the ball
I do this to feel alive
Without getting my life involved
Though honestly, it's kind of too late for that
My mother says not to mention or ask for forgiveness and tell my story
I hope that my regrets at my age are not hoarding
I hope by then I find something more important in my self
Cause currently me is chasing currency
I only fit meritocracy
Am I wasting my life
To be someone to a bunch of someones who don't care if I die
If I ain't making more hits
If I ain't talking that sh*t
Like if I ain't make that mixtape would I even exist?
I mean pardon me if I'm p*ssed
I've been harding up my fist
Ready to swing it at the world
But it falls on me if I miss
And I don't need a black eye
But there's more fighting this black kid
Ready for everything I've imagined

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