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"Its like a pandemic lol (demo)"

Yeah, yeah, yeah
This is weird
We're all probably going to die and I'm cool with it
I think
I don't know

Taking what I want like pirates
n*ggas make their dough from pyrates
I'm just in the studio
I don't want coronavirus
Wish I had some shallow shamen
I got dem
I got now
I got next
Watch me flex
I'm so stressed
I can't even go to the club wait
I don't even like going to the club
Bout to hit shorty for a little work
My little ponytail gitty up
I'm sanitizing the pus*y
I make the past without looking
Can you smell what the Rock is cooking
Stay the f*ck inside
n*ggas fuking dying
It's a f*cking live
sh*t got my n*gga Tom Hanks aye
sh*t got my n*gga [?]
Whole world feeling like hell bro
f*ck up with [?]
Stores ain't got sh*t on the shelf bro
Always been the sh*t
n*ggas stingy with the toilet paper
Zombie apocalypse
I know not to trust my f*cking neighbor
I won't lose my sh*t
Keep it rolling like the undertaker
I'm just kidding I don't have the coronavirus
Yuh I am bored as f*ck
I'm just going to play call of duty
I don't know till I'm some f*cking soldier

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