Joe Iconis

"Oh Well"

Her hair, black as a feather
Her black jacket of leather
So thick eyeliner
No chick could be finer

I’m nervous that the stuff is on my mind
These thoughts are thoughts so dangerous to think
I can’t ignore or leave ’em behind
’Cause when I stop thinkin’ about her then my heart starts to sink

When she’s around it feels like sha-la-la
My brain says na-na-na
But my heart says rah-rah-rah, hey

A bop-sha-bop becomes how I express
The notions I suppress
Emotions I dare not say

Even if I could
I do not think I would
Have the strength to tell

‘Cause if I tell her what I feel
I don’t think that she could deal
So I’ll just remain here in my hell
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