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Verse 1:
Please tell me why i am still waiting now
I can't seem to figure that out on my own
I feel so alone but im smiling now
Quit tripping on things that you cannot control

Sometimes i feel like a king in this world
But sometimes i feel like im under the dirt
Sometimes i feel like i cannot lose control
But other times i feel like i’ve gone biszerk

The futures in front of us but we cannot see it
We live for the moment we live for the day
But i wish i could believe it
The fact that you're gone mad i'm going insane
I know that i’m a bit different
But trust man we are just one in the same
Maybe one day you will see it
But right now i feel like you've made this a game

Verse 2:
Please tell me why i am still waiting
Cause all i really wanna do now is scream
I mean the hurt that's inside of me i've never felt before now it is consuming my dreams

I won't hide behind walls no
I will not put on a mask
We just need to hit the rewind bro
Cause i look like a pus*y and you like to laugh

It's not my fault no trust me i try
To think about things that are better than this
For some reason now it gets me at night i mean i'm covered in tats but feel like a b*tch
I fear that i will die lonely
My major concerns not about being rich
It's What i did for the world and what i did for people i just hope that they never forget i need to exist

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