Moe Shop
I'm feeling something, it could be natural
Even when we are apart, yeah (woo)
Simple as Cupid, I couldn't let you go
Effortlessly from the start, yeah
Whether or not it's basic instinct
We'll know when the time comes
Like those stories mama talked about
Bringing out this crazy feeling
Oh, a switch gets turned
You're really shining when the lights go down (haha)

And I know, just can't help but feel you're the one for me
Natural, it's natural
It's the way your love has always felt just like home to me, yeah
Natural, it's natural

Aw, aw, aw, aw!
What you know about going out each month
Chief blunts while we stargazing at the beachfront?
Try and picture that, Red Bull, fifth of Jack
Same day, hit the mats, lames, they ain't fit for that
We ain't hit the max, kick sh*t, get you back
Ramune six a pack, cartoons mixed with rap
When the new sh*t getting too old
Had to ditch G-Shock, the new goal is Hublot
Lotta of hate said in jest, 'Ye said it best
All in the press, y'all oughta let it rest
I'm the literal dream of black teens
That stay on Crunchyroll but'll roll with bad tings
Taxing for the beats, I'm relaxing in peace
Packed for the week, we stacking the cheese
Mac steez, attract fees, back to please
On the phone, gimme dome, speaking Japanese
Worldwide, planning trips, I wish that granny'd see this
My plans play in the clouds, some Final Fantasy sh*t
People call me a**hole, figure that
I don't fold, it's natural, in fact, going back for the gold

Going back for the gold
Natural, natural, natural
Going back for the gold
Natural, natural, natural
Going back for the gold