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[Verse 1]
Yea boy I’m back in the game
Showing these n***as new things
They wasn’t ready for me
So I just pull up with bass
Making a wave
Get out the way
Got some’ to say
Hold up
Let’s praise
The lord
I’m putting my faith
In God
Imma just beat the odds
They wasn’t ready for n***as like me
Don’t be so petty with all of your beefs
Don’t need the industry
‘Cause I got heat
Don’t need none of your feats n***a
I be up on my feet n***a
I be up y’all gon’ see n***a
Y’all be up in your dreams n***a
Y’all asleep n***a
Have sweet dreams n***a
Have sweet n***a
But I got dreams
I got dreams
I got dreams
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