Doodie Lo
Ayy, we steady rolling weed and other sh*t
(Ricky Rich, I love your beats)
We in this b*t*h tweaking, you feel me?
Gang sh*t, OTF, you know

I was posted on the block, I was chasing them dollars (Let's get it)
Get a b*t*h and get the lo' then we killing your partner (Boom, boom)
I gotta watch out for the feds, they lurking and watching (Watching)
Ain't no n***a getting no pa**, we spot 'em, we drop 'em (Gang)
We kill sh*t, these n***as lame as f**k, they just wanna talk (B*t*h)
I just sold a lot of pounds, I can take some summers off (You dig?)
Flip the money, somersault, kill a man, no running off (Boom, boom)
Took half of million from the plug then I f**ked it off (Gimme that)
You ain't nеver shot sh*t, on his head, that's a profit (Go get him)
And my b*t*hеs say I'm not sh*t (B*t*h)
'Wop and Varney on that hot sh*t
You gon' shoot your gun, n***a? (Nah)
He hopped the fence, he run with it (Pu**y)
A lot of pounds, a ton with it (A ton)
Give me a week, I'm done with it (I'm done)
Twenty K, that's PPP up on your head'll get you killed (On gang)
My lil' b*t*h ran up a hundred, got the sauce out my DM
And he asked for some Wock' but got some Tylenol PM (Stupid)
Got six figures, f**k [?], man, [?] they stay, n***a (Gang, gang)