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Del The Funky Homosapien

"Intro (Magic)"

[Verse 1: Tame One]

Me and Del speak and spell over beats so well
Yall b*tch n*ggas [?] get f*cked like we in hotels
So poof, abracadabra, presto, that's it
The way we came together to put it down, its magic
Lavish lyrics, hash and spirits, liquor and such
With uppers and downers all around us
Tell b*tches go get the dutch
With Parallel Thought music added, the style is fat
With nothing up my sleeves, pull the rabbits out the hat

[Verse 2: Del the Funky Homosapien]

Yo, yo, D-E-L the eager crowd pleaser
Let's get on with the procedure, procedure, procedure
I'm not a pleasure seeker, more like a student teacher
And I'll make you a believer, believer, believer
With my brother Tame, gonna take over your brain
Like Julius Caesar, Caesar, Caesar
Far from a preacher, what preachers do you know
Hang with n*ggas smokin' reefers?
I'm the game master, Tame the game keeper
Can't f*ck with either, or Parallel Thought neither
Disbelievers get ethered

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