Yüth Forever
You were my pen, you were my paper
You were my devil, you were my savior
You were what was in my head at 3AM
When my mind was too stubborn to let anyone else in

I’m a lost cause
My gun talks
It tells me how it wants me gone
All the pills I cough
Told me to write this song
I’ve been written off
I’m always on the rocks, ha
Microphone check
I'm still feeling depressed
Nobody cares til you've got rope marks around your neck
So fake your death, fake your death
Pretend you’re on your last breath
My façade will carry me to the end

And if we're being honest the suicide notes were just written for attention
Because you all didn't use to love me back before the depression
And now my minds full of garbage so they prescribe narcotics
And to be deathly honest it's killing me how distant I've gotten
How distant I’ve gotten

Undiagnosed f**king has-been
Still spends his life in a hospital bed and
Hocks up his own mistakes and engraves all of the dates
Of each time he laid waste to a blessing in the creases of his young face
Waltzing in the moonlight
With all the friends inside my own mind
Nothing new, I think I'm better off alone right?
I only smile to waste time
Between now and when I die
We only smile to waste time
Between right now and when we die

And when I’m awake at 3 am
Guess what’s on my mind again
It’s not you but the youth
We’re all alone so follow suit
Into nothing, just me and you
And ever
And ever