Yüth Forever
Call the doctor
I’ve got all these problems
I don’t know how to solve them
My conscience dead rotten, alone and forgotten

Call the doctor
Send me to the hospice for people who’ve lost it
I’m stuck in my coffin and I think someone locked it

What’s my f**king purpose?
I was born with words that curse every single loving person
I’m sorry I’m a burden
I’m useless, f**king worthless
Think it’s time the close the curtain
All I think about’s my service
I mean it couldn’t get much worse

I don’t want to be alone anymore

This is life through the eyes of a broken man
Who’s let everything he had fall through his f**king hands

Doctor, I am deranged
My brain needs to be tamed
I don’t think I need change
Just a rope for me to hang
I don’t want to be alone anymore

This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it die

Anxiety still swallows my chest and lead consumes my lungs
Everyday the gun meets my mouth
But I’ve never been one to get the job done