Yüth Forever
Better Off Dead
It lives in my home, it sleeps on my floor
Every night I hear it’s nails on my door
And kill every bit of hope before it leaves my pores
Stop coming to my house
Stop stealing words from my mouth

So I bite my tongue
To avoid confrontation or offending anyone
I’ll never win; I can’t win
Just a hopeless villain

I don't know when my demons conquered
Or when my skeleton softened
Or when the rest broke free from the closet
But I know every damn thing put a nail in my coffin

Distant, slime, lost, sc*m
All of the above
An embarra**ment to everyone I love
The reaper still hasn’t come
I’m so sick of myself
So sick of screaming for help

I’m still in f**king hell
I’m still in f**king hell
Rendered motionless by anxiety
A dead man to be
Trapped by this dead mans dreams
Cursed with the nervous luck of being me

F**k the doctor; f**k his pills
F**k the self-loathing that stems from the guilt
F**k my arrogance; f**k my carelessness
It’s irrelevant; f**k my therapist
Better off dead
Let the grievance commence
I’m still second best
I’m still second best