Yüth Forever
So sedate me, sedate me
So I can die happy

I’m not okay, I’m not alright
I’m sorry these tongue-tied words don’t come out just right
But it was nice to know you
It really was

I’ve watched everything I’ve tried to reach for
Just slip through the cracks
That’s why I overreact
Maybe you’d understand
Could understand why I’m desperate
Why I beg for attention

So sedate me, sedate me, so I could die happy
(So sedate me) but it was nice to know you
It really was
A backwards life

I’m a burden of a person
And I know that I do
Always feel out of place in a crowded room
Even my own f**king room
When its just one on one
Who I am and who I’ve been, coming undone
Just me here to pull the trigger
A Freudian slip
Arms dressed with the slits
My dirty little secret
A Freudian slip
Shoulder to wrist

Murderous and self-loathing
Eyes shut, veins coated
With cyanide I’m hoping that it stops my heart real slowly
Maybe I’ll start a trend
Load up your guns for your friends
Help them put it to their heads
The End.