The Blinking Eye lyrics


[Speech 1: Nick Lord]

Ladies & Gentlemen
Family, Friends
Enemies, Foes
The stars that the camera shows
And all the average Joe's

Today I want to talk to the kid
With dreams and passion raging
With fire right inside and the boy
Or girl hopeless right on the verge of suicide

I want to talk to the men, women
Or whatever gender you classify
And all the judgemental people that you petrify
We are all birthed with a gift of life
But equally cursed with hatred
I come from a village where they fight
With knives, brothers killing sisters
I thought we was related
We are destined for innovation but we strife
And more graves are the only thing we mass-created
We masqueraded all the evil
But the yard is demons saturated
And I’m trying to bring the good
I brought Marsh to Escalate it
How can I exclaim-mate it
Like how the eye is blinking every minute
Like how the clocks is ticking
And the life we living is kinda finite
Who counts how many times they blink
Is it the homeless people in the streets
Or all these wealthy folks in the in the mansions
Is it the hopeless millennials with no jobs
Or all these old folks scooping pensions
Is it the healthiest man in Babylon
Or all these dying hospital patients
To whom is time more valuable to
To whom is time more valuable to
(so many stories I wish I could tell)

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