Lord Knows


[Verse 1: Nick Lord]

My hourglass is full of blood
What a bloody timeline
And my Life is full of spikes like a giant Porcupine
And it strikes deadly daggers
Just like Klaus & Frankenstein
I try to stop the bleeding
But I'm losing lots of blood ey
I'm tryna be close to God ey
I hope that he pulls the rod ey
I'm under the water
To breathe here it's harder than diamonds
I'm losing my life ey
I think I been cut by a knife ey
What's the price for my life ey
I'm losing some family friends
They don't want me to be in the working
They say I'm always busy man I'm tryna get us something
We been hungry way too long I'm tryna feed us something
I lost a lot of confidence
And the pit that I am falling in is bottomless
Some of the problems
That we facing is destroying us
Say its for a reason reasons they ain't even showing us
Whats a hero with no nemesis
Is that the reason for the serpent back in genesis?
Who made the guy who brought us evil
Who it benefits?
Who am I to ask? I'm just an Evangelist
Yeah I know that Just like Mike Im just a Lyricist

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