Glass Animals (Remix)
Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey
D-D-Don't you need me
Oh baby boy
Cause I'm so happy
Without your noise

I'm just tired of fakes
That's why I keep to myself
Only unlocking the door to my Brother, my Momma , my Sister, and else (right)
And my baby spoiled she keeping me grounded
I saw her she loyal as hell
If my Homie made her he'd wait up the ma**
And I don't need anyone else
I don't need anyone's help
So my list of friends will continue to fight
Until I don't see anyone left (Woo)
Back to the music
Back to producing (What?)
That old sh*t was not that amusing
And I've been improving (What?)
So I've been improving
Feel me walking when I step in a room
I'll be steaming when I step in the stew
Meditating trying fade the confusion
Ill be dreaming like I'm lucid
Waking up in the illusion
All the traction
Know that I've been asking for a few hits like

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa

(Ay) Now the fame is hitting that illusive (Uh)
Steady grinding really make improvements (Uh)
Fortune telling me to make the music (Uh)
I don't murder beats I'ma abuse it (Uh)
I don't get no win and if its ahead of me imma put them in the back And it better be the useless (Uh)
Now I'm only riding with a few friends (Right)
Now I got to tell them what the truth is (Right)
I don't need nobody with the truth is (No)
I don't need nobody with the truth is unlike

Whoa (Ouu)
Like whoa (Ha)
Like whoa (Shout-out Gla** Animals)
And I'm like whoa (That's real sh*t, real sh*t)
I don't need nobody with the truth is (Huh)
I don't need nobody with the truth is (Uh)
And I'm like whoa
Like whoa
Like whoa
And I'm like wait (huuuh)
Hold up b*t*h
Hold up, hold up, hold up, what you mean?

I just do it for my team
I can't do this for myself
I've been trying to share the wealth
I feel like a million bucks
I feel like I'm Elon Musk
They can send my a** to space
Cause I can't take it on this Earth
I can't take it in this world
I feel like an alien cause I've been jumping barriers
I've been to different dimensions
When I'm meditating they question reality (Ayy)
I don't got trust in the system
My mom thinks I'm crazy she question my sanity (Ayy)
People they love me
When I walk in I start changing the vibe in a sonicly
I don't be f**king with all the negativity you feeling me
I don't got that in my energy (Uh)
And what's in your heart will be manifest
I'll be watching your thoughts like your life depended on it

Real sh*t
It's some real sh*t