Vegan Rap
Indy J beats

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
I'm really about to make a rap song about being vegan

Bang, bang, bang, bang
Pull up to the spot and finna cop me up some vegan food
Finna change my diet, change a lot just like the seasons do
I don’t need no patty, whoa
Imma stick to beans and fruit

Man, y'all need it badly, oh
Don't know what they’re feedin' you, ayy
I don't need no dairy, nahh
I don't need no cheese, nahh
I ain't startin' fights, nah
I don't need no beef, aye

Man you know what I'm ’bout
Like my greens by the ounce, whoa
Collard green by the ounce, whoa
Broccoli by the ounce!

Whoa, I can go vegan for 7 days
I can go vegan for 8 days
I can do this for 11 day
Y’all should go vegan for Heaven's sake
Cuz I’m lookin' forward to better days
I can do this sh*t for 30 days
I can do this sh*t for centuries
Imma make sure that you heard of me

Break it up
Loud it up
Pour it up
In my cup
Shake it up
I just can't get enough

7 days
Man, I got the energy
I ain't sippin’ Gatorade
I'm just sippin' Lemonade

I'm barely gettin' started
Pineapples what I'm carvin'

Drinking milk from an almond
Drinking milk from an almond

Drinking milk from an almond?

Yeah, drinking milk from an almond

I ain't ever seen almond with t**ties
Man, you really bein' honest?

Yeah man, I think they like, like juice it
Or somethin'
Soak it in water like overnight

That's gross, yeah