Raisin Cookie Disstrack
Ayy, Ya, Ouu

Man these raisins play games with me like a facade
Lookin' like a chocolate chip
Then faker than Nicki Minaj
Raisin on a cookie?
Man thats two thing that just don’t belong
Your grannys a rookie
If she add 'em
Imma take them off, ayy
Imma give them to the kitty cat (what?)
Imma spit them and give back (ouuu)
Matter fact, that's a sh*tty batch (yea)
Chocolate chip is what you need in that (ha)
Can’t believe these people eatin' that (no)
Every cookie gotta better rep (yup)
Even peanut b***er, Peter Pan (ouu)
Macadamia and Pecan

Who the hell likes raisins
Not the house that I was raised in
Better get that outta my face, man
Imma lock you in a basement (what?)
Oatmeal, Bitter taste, get It off my plate (ayy)
Gotta Bitter face (ayy)
Like a dried up grape, ayy
Like a dried up grape, ayy
Like a dried up grape, (wait what?), ayy
Gotta bitter face, ayy
Like a dried up grape, ay