Call Me When U Hear This, Pt. 1
Now we up, now we up

Oh nowhere'd you go another night with you
Drinking on my own, can't forget about you
Goddamn can't believe it's already May
Left you in December think about you everyday sh*t
Thank god I can't find my charger cause I tried to call you
Someone take my phone away it's causing problems
I should probably get a flight to California
Pack a bag and leave be gone in the morning
I fell in love with you in the city
I'm writing just hoping that you’re listening
I’m so glad to hear you’re doing fine
My well-being gave you a little peace of mind
Our frequencies align and synchronize our minds
I can’t get out my head I think of you at night
With bags under my eyes
Your love was like a drug, I need a re-up
I can’t ignore the signs no
What can I say, I'm an addict to the pain
I love the way you got me chasing
Hard to get testing my patients
Picked apart like operation
Took my heart right out my chest
And I might need a replacement
Baby, you left me a mess so

Now we up, now we up