[Chorus: Infamous Swoosh]
Are you feeling OK, are you feeling good?
Are you feeling OK, ooh

[Verse: Infamous Swoosh]
What’s been on your mind
Overthinking all the time
Lose yourself in doubt and now you never even try
Following your dreams because you're too busy feelin' blue
Wonderin' if they’re watching you and judgin' every move
Tell me why you're feeling so sad
Maybe I can help you
You just gotta ask

But I know that
Trying to please everyone is something that’s impossible
They don’t want you happy they don’t like it when you’re happy, no

[Verse 2: Tony22]
So they don't wanna see me smile
They only wanna put me down
Well then, what's their motive?
Why do I deserve this ?
Things that they say cut right through the surface
What is to gain?
Is something wrong with my face?
I'm just being myself
Why can't they give me space? (Ugh)
How can I love somebody else, if I can't love myself?
If I can't love myself?

Never take it personal, no never take it personal
Life’s too complicated they didn’t say that it’d be easy though
They only get offended when they see you're doing good
That means you're living life in the way they wish they could

[Outro: Infamous Swoosh]
Are you feeling OK? Are you feeling good?
Are you feeling OK, ooh