Bis (Harlem Spartans)
No Hook
[Intro: Bis]
Sparta', HS
F**kery (F**king hell)
Ay, Mobz, that sounds wavy
Donny, sweets gon’ fly out the shotty
Fam I gotta smash this dotty
F**kery (F**king hell)
Opposition come like Wally
Fam, I gotta find this donny
Smarkz and Miz, my donnies
Sweets gon’ fly out the shotty
Party in the trap and I'm vexed
Fam (Fam), I gotta smash this thotty

[Verse 1: MizOrMac]
Listen (Ay, what?)
Love ding dong whip with King Kong in
No ping pong sh*t, man finish (Finish)
They don't know how MizMac living
Backroad, kidnaps and dippings (Dippings)
All of my Gs are missing;
Some on the run and some are in prison
I’m trapped in the system
Guns and kitchens
Man get round for my siblings
He was my friend from years
But he's from there, soon he a victim (Soon)
What you know about skengs on missions? (What you know?)
Left hand on the back of the ped
Right hand on the skeng, big man, I ain’t kidding
And jump out gang man did that
See a best man, leave you like pigeons
Amm come fatter than Griffin (Griffin)
One love to my cousin siblings (Love)
I’m trapped in the trap with kittens
Gwop, the poor condition of women (It's mad)
I’m peddling packs, some popular Mac
Una I gotta trap with the kitchen
In Kenny with Bis, anyone slip
I’ll show why his face is hidden (Come on)
Forget opps, f**k cops
They’re the ones got me p*ssing
Raindrops, gunshots
On tops where I’m living (Living on tops)
Bodies drop, lights off
Real life got him snitching (Pricks)
Raindrops, gunshots
On tops where I’m living (Gang)
[Verse 2: Blanco]
Mitsubishi (Skrr, skrr, skrr)
Five double-O CC
Eyes everywhere like Kai Supreme
Dark Africano thing
Chocolate skin, she was Tanzanese (Peng)
She got a little white on her face
No foreplay and it weren't whipped cream (No)
Them man take my style and words
How the flow came with the receipt
I was in the wagon with GG
Playing out rave CDs
Police stopped like LAPD
Things on me be a meth and T
Ramsey only paid thirty
You can have it all cah the shankings free
Crash each yute, repeat
Then link bro by borough high street
I was in the trap with T
Hungry thief, I’ll take man’s Ps (Tek' it)
Spartans taking man’s beanie
She said she never liked that neek (Don't)
In the lab like Dexter, too
You ain’t ever knew that I was with D (Aydee)
Two with the K for BP
Money on the road, free TG (Free 'em)
TY, ST and DT (Free 'em)
Splashed got phone and 3 Gs
Told ‘em M Slop it’s freaky
We put the M in meanies
Double M, misch-mash
We knee deep
Double M, misch-mash
It’s easy
All friends like Joey and Phoebe
[Verse 3: Bis]
F**kery (F**king hell)
Opposition come like Wally
Fam I gotta find this donny (Where's he at?)
Smarkz and Meegz my donnies
Sweets gon’ fly out the shotty (Shotty, shotty)
Party in the trap and I’m vex
Fam, fam I gotta smash this dotty
Wheels on the pedal going round and round
Paigons pricks get found and drowned
Rude and dead
Must’ve been drunk and vex
K Trap, whip out the peng
When I’m in the trap with friends
She thinks I’m doing up sex (GG)
I was in the trap with Gary (Gary)
He was tryna tell a gyal about me (Why?)
Bagged on my bro for free (Uh)
Do it for my bro on me (On me, come on)
I don’t wanna trap about lean
I’m tryna put the trap on fleek
True, it’s tricks or cheese
They say we treat beef like wars
Stepped to your block in 3s
Aydee Mizzy and more
Round there’s Bellz and Zeeks
Kennington bop their piece
Four door come, no skeet
Back that one then beat
Are you taking the p*ss it’s Bis (Bis!)
Eat cunch like Chris
Now your G splashed
Might wing and back
My guys baking the Arkham lan
Loski coming like Tommy Devito
That guy was rude and bad
Had man looking confused
That’s six man hop out a four-door wag (Wagon)