Lil Skies

"Going Boom*"

Lyrics from Snippet

So fly, so fly up in the sky
I am that n***a, b*t*hes f**kin wit' Skies
Let's go

I don't know bout you n***as, I'm gettin my money, that's a show
I'mma do this for the bros, that's all locked up down the road
You claim you a real ass n***a, you got in that room and you told
Funny how these n***as claim they soldiers but they fold
I stay with the army, we fully equipped, we goin' right in
I take all my losses, throw them in the dirt and I learn how to win
I came up from nothin, I'm showin you that, this sh*t ain't pretend
If god come and get me, I promise I'm not confessin my sins
I stay with the goons, I stay with the problems, we shootin the AK
When I see an opp, I'm feelin so happy, it feel like a payday
I could've been Craig up on the porch, chillin with DayDay
But now I got money, and now I'm a star, they all wanna know
I ran the bands up, I'm livin my life like no average Joe
If you are a hoe, I promise my n***a you will get exposed
We loaded the guns, we shootin the bullets, we goin boom
Okay, he shootin inside of the room, we walk in the room
I got a mac, yeah
I'm sippin this lean, I fell on my back, I had heart attack
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