Neighborhood Playboi

Lil Skies

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Yeah, yeah
I spark a fatass wood right now
Yeah, woah, hey

Smoke a lot of weed to keep my mind on some sh*t (ayy)
I just f**ked her once, don't whine and dine with the b*t*h (ayy)
Twenty-Sixteen, we be shinin' and sh*t
I need a rollie on my wrist, that's perfect timin' and sh*t
I pull up flexin' on my exes, they all hate cause I'm winnin'
f**k a job, I'm bustin' traps, I'm askin' lord to forgive me
I drink lean, sometimes henny, that sh*t f**k up my kidneys
I smoke weed all the time, that sh*t look like a chimney
Four grams in my wood, I don't f**k with the skimpeys
She hate that I'm in the fiеld, but my n***as all with me
I ain't worried bout the opps, Taydoе totin' the city
n***as hatin' all the time because they girl say I'm friendly
But who is you? pull up in that coupe, fast like Subaru
Get a clue, you be watchin' thots, mad Ki f**ked your boo
It's all cool, she know what I do, I play number two
Hard to tell, my name ring bells, f**k your Clientele
Lil skies, I be hella fried, look into my eyes
With my guys, we be layin' low, can't catch us by surprise

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