"Move On"

[Verse 1]
Tell me what you want if you won't take an "I'm sorry"
You're falling below
Tell me what you want to or I know it will haunt you, love

So if I don't fall apart, that'll hit you in the heart
Now, baby, come on (Now, baby, come on)
Would it take the pain away if I told you that I'd stay?
Now, baby, come on (Now, baby, come on)
If we don't try (Try, try) 'til it hurts
We may not lose (Lose, lose) what it's worth
It takes some time (Time, time) to let go
But we'll be better off on our own
So, baby, move on
So, baby, move on

[Verse 2]
You treat me like a monster and that's the part I wonder
If you'll ever let go
I never meant to cause you all the pain you're going through
Can't we let it go?
All the words I told you come to sound like lies I sold
Ain't that the way sh*t goes?
You'll do anything to fight being alone
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