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Damon Intrabartolo

"Cross, Bare a pop opera"

I know it's late, but I didn't know where else to go

You know you can always come here - begin

These are my sins, but where to begin?
I don't know if I have it in me, in me

Go on

Still I recall the peace that would fall
When I believed you could forgive me
Father, I've messed everything up
I don't know where to start
Yes, I do, it's a start and a finish-God is the root of everything

I'm here to listen, here to understand you
Tell me what lies in your heart
And in the telling you'll find the peace you're seeking
You'll know the way once you start

Well I've tried to be strong, I've tried to belong
But I don't, or I won't, I can't, I can't
Such a simple, little word -never spoken, always heard
It's not something I can be, it's not ok, not for me
Do you know what I-


What do I do?

I know you're frightened, know I understand that
But there's only so much I would say
I can't live for you, but know that God is with you
Through Him you will find a way

But I can't see your face
I'm in such a desperate place
What do I do now?
Tell me, tell me

Child, confide in me

I've don't belong, I always thought this was wrong
If they knew my family would die, they would die!

Then keep it quiet
I will hold your secret
You know that it's safe to confide
You're just a child, and things may change, I promise
You're young with time on your side
Focus on your graduation

It's not ok

Keep your mind on other matters

Am I ok?

Pray for courage, pray for...

Why are you dancing?
Why won't you answer?
God won't you tell me?
NO!You know in your heart that the teaching is clear
Faith in the Father has led your soul here
Harrow the cross, let the church be your spine
Don't question too much and you'll get along fine
Whatever you have done, I know God will forgive
Live in His word, He will always forgive
Go now in the Spirit and live

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