Fakes & Snakes
[Intro - YomiShious]
Yo, you ready to go clubbing?
Right get your "garms" ready
Ah, gotta look fancy?
Depends if you looking for a chick flick tonight
Nah not really. I'm a lonely piece a sh*t that sits on his a** all day Watching netflix, what kind of a chick wants that?
Yeah, you're right. You're f**ked
Yeah but we're still gonna enjoy it, right?
Yeah man, let's get f**ked

[Verse 1 - YomiShious]
I gotta lot-a things to say, but no one really wants to hear it
Hide behind the backs of other people cos they can't even bear it. Share it, spread it and tell em that every bit, matters til it shatters in The faces of the people who said it didn't matter
I do what I gotta, even if sh*t get's bleaker
Fill it the top like a beaker til it spills

They say nothings gonna happen so it's best if you just chill
But I can't if I know that the snakes got me at the nil, they come Out with the bull-sh*t, and it all went downhill, to the bottom of The pit
Nah, but I ain't gonna I'm gonna fall down
Nah, I'm gonna heal and move on because if Andrew Marshall can Stop me from bleeding, then I sure can help you by just spitting Bars on this beat
The thing is we hurt, cry and spurt words we don't mean
It's the part of diverting out pain
Most feel like it's a one way lane, lost at sea if none of my mains Are showing
Close the curtains if they just allow me to pout and fall outta time. It's a one way ticket on this train, so just leave me if you weren't there for me before this

[Verse 2 - YomiShious]
For a sec you had me in a corner, but you let me out cos you saw My decks with the dollars
Only sticking round cause of my fame, tables get flicked cause I'm Using the crane
Lifting boxes and I'm paving the way, but I turned this into song Cause this is my domain

I f**king hate that I trusted these b*t*hes to force me down the Spiral, whatever I give them is never that ample
Manipulate me and carve my life with a chisel, how was I supposed To know you winded up my fizzled mind
Man I'm way to drunk to listen, after the ninth pint I gave myself a mission
Am I just the Expendable third, bringing action and chaos to ruin little Aaron?

I need a new squad that I can rely-on
I mean I do realise every human's flawed, just don't try to f**k me Up with a saw that I needed to open my mind, this facade has Gone on long enough being looked up to like I'm god
Now some maybe like, yo Scott, you stole Em's lyrics, and maybe I Did but I just needed to prove a point with strong enough bricks. Cos if I leave one out it'll fall down, and inflict more damage
Well, kids, that's what happens if you don't tell the full story. Some prick will always twist it round to fit their own glory

Well, all the bricks are in place and there's no entry
It's all being hemmed in place, must be really sturdy
B*t*h I've changed a lot and now I'm holding my fist firmly. Try to come back to bite, you really must be empty

Time for you to roll the dice and see what happens when you Make a crappy choice, we all know that you'd listen to this song if It was a track with Marley's voice in the back with him bringing his A game in here carrying precise news on what you really are
Spreading your false views on me, "tryna" turn my fan base against Me
Coming at me though you know what I'm gonna do, b*t*h you Ain't no Gen 1 "Mewtwo", tell you what I'll make a disstrack worthy Enough to be blasted on bluetooth speaker that'll destroy your Rep when I take the device off snooze mode and put my views Across for once, spewing my bars when you get sent far back

They'll stab you in the back then ask why you're bleeding, one "Fakey" can do more damage than five enemies
And I take these quotes from Extra and "Alagoo", man if I was still The drunk and pill downer I'd be at your house with the "chlorox" For bleaching, you b*t*hes better be ready for a beating
Get your f**king restraining orders, contempt of court, I'm ready For a game of coursing
Hunt you down, right hook, left smack
Digging it deep, I'm living, you're permanantly asleep
The name's Stephen Avery I'm leaving a life long mystery