Distract, Then Attack [Cameron Daniels Diss Leaked Teaser]
Worth more than a verse?
Think not, Earth'll crumble as the hearse
Curves round the corner, as the car hits reverse, hitting you in the servix
Serving a cold dish, eat up
Waiting for your folding, see ya
When it's all done, you can't give me the blanks or the stanks, just the rank-up, shanked in the pancreas, evil, motivation to hop back on to the tippy top, top, the scraper, and I'll mop up, when I blow your sh*t up, can't this just be the one, no it can't when it's compo, no memo received on my phone, but pics of taking a sh*t and a p*ss, then sending it to the chat including a girl in the course who once you said you'd try to hit at, and rated her a** and then planned how to go at, and where to at, the angle, entangle, all, and I'll spell out, but this is just a teaser, to tease ya
I'll prove how I'm meaner, file that misdemeanour now!
Or will it even be worth the ha**le, cause the king of the kill just received his 'chete in the mail