Oh My God
[Intro - YomiShious - Jacqueline Irvine]
(On the phone)
Hello? Hello?
I can...I can breathing down the side of the line
Why...why you so distressed?
YES I killed people
I just did it right now
I've got blood all over my shoes and my clothes
My own f**king merchandise
Do you know how it feels to have blood all over your f**king shirt with your face on it?
Well I need help
(Hangs up)
No- Why the f**k did you hang up?

[Verse 1 - YomiShious]
Am I sucker for punctures?
In wounds and in car tires
When we exit the junction to the left with a full tank
I got destruction in my mind
When it lights up inside, like a bull with some red horns
Garage repairs cause it got badly teared
Now there ain't explaining this one but he ain't changed his wheels for a good three years
And I ain't complaining, it's just complicated
But tell the f**ker that I used a spanner in two phrases to untighten the screws of the vehicle before we hit the road
Then the speed-bumps at the top of the street musta helped speed up the time-frame
The tables are turning
The world is unnerving
My mind's collapsing
Racks I need back, crack, skull, smash, blat
Wack'n splat on the floor, ha

[Chorus - Jacqueline Irvine]
Oh my god
Are we doing this again?
Are we really doing this again?
Oh my god

[Verse 2 - YomiShious]
Did I mention he owes me, a good few thousand dollars?
'Cause we once played a single round or two of poker and I shelled out a few decks when he spent all his racks then was pressured under some debt for not being able to pay up on his rent
A week before December
Now it's like he don't remember
So I'm losing my temper for not being payed back what I lended
And I attempted murder but it was in a fantasy world in my brain where I collected the payload
Of a few millis in cheese by grating his spleen out like a paper machine
So I'm not much craving the breeze
And having no anxiety with no worry when I get my money
I'm just concerned with the mentality he has
So I'll serve on some justice by picking up a knife and carving and serving a cold dish of revenge
It sounds so pleasant
Binocular spotting
The tension is rotting
Saw him leaving Stacy's then picking up a drive through at burger king
All these ideas I got jotted and these dots that are unfilled I'm filling
Rear view mirror
He's going to the grocery store
Now I knew he wasn't struggling
No more debt
I saw through his lies
No deceiving if you thought it would be me, an easy target
Do you take and perceive?
To be a little minded b*t*h you could use?
Then you got played past the halfway line
I got a hundred pages of paper hanging pinned on my wall 'bout the way I wanna handle it as well as not being caught while handling it
It's just business as per usual
Spurt your lies one more time
And brainwash my mind like it's fizzled and sizzled so try it and enjoy it
Last time and last rhymes are a verse away, so I'm taking you to nursery to learn your ABC's, your L.M.N.O.P's, so you can craft out an apology

[Chorus - Jacqueline Irvine]
Oh my god
Are we doing this again?
Are we really doing this again?
Oh my god

[Bridge - YomiShious]
Gotta recapture my main element I had back during "perfect disquise for us all" to cement another killer verse
Snatching the mic from you mumbling c*cksuckers that don't know what the f**k you doing so I'm throwing you in a hearse

[Verse 3 - YomiShious]
Ignite a flame so that when in curiosity you follow that smoke rising above the buildings to see my name
It'll leave ashes: that'll be my past self
A version of Simothy that's burning
He can never taint me again or snatch away my pen to lay down bars about killing a girlfriend in a bathtub to be discovered and chased down a hotel lobby by swat teams, with automatic laser beams
Hip'll hop once I find my energy that's been my strong suit in this game since I came along and sprung my wings
Drool'n'drop at the mic after I spit too many bars
This album's gonna be a hit and will shoot to the stars
Be a step closer to the palm print on the Hollywood walk of fame
Going up, 'bout to hit the planetary crust
I'm hydrogen, non-toxic, highly combustible
So after I set this in stone I'll inflate with my ego then figure out what song concept I wanna have a tussle with at the pad next
'Cause I'm playing my cards close to the chest
Got that little bit of my life in me in common with Dexter
Got Simothy fighting battles, out committing murders, while having a sister with a law and order mind running us back like she's leading a Hurd, sure
You can think I'm a sheep on a gra**y plain but when I take the gra**, smoke it up, make me a wolf, all the ideas, no struggle, that's why this verse started off as a freestyle
I'll let you believe you're in control for a little while now

[Chorus - Jacqueline Irvine]
Oh my god
Are we doing this again?
Are we really doing this again?
Oh my god

[Outro - YomiShious]
(iPhone ringtone)
Hello? Hello?
Has anyone told you how good you look like in that red dress?