FaZe Rain
FaZe Blaziken DISS TRACK
[Verse: RiceGum]
Who's the scrawny nerd trying to diss up on Rain? (Who?)
His vlog channel has as much as your main (Damn)
You said you made a track and you thought that it was fire
I think you're just mad he got double your subscribers (Ouch)
Remind me of Steve from American Dad (Stevie)
Audi R8 something that you wish you had (Foreign)
How you nineteen but still rocking bangs
Util Rain told me, I ain't even know your name (Yeah)
Rain told me dissing you would be simple (Easy)
Dots on your face, red like a FaZe symbol (Damn)
I heard you're awkward, always stay up in your room
You talk to a girl every once a blue moon
You need to get out more, go out in the sun (Yeah)
You made a diss track, wonder where you get that from (Me)
You call yourself a sloth, at first I didn't know
But I realized it's because your growth has been slow
B*t*h, yeah yeah

[Outro: RiceGum]
Don't diss Rain or get caught, bang bang