Abundance Meditation
Breathe and be still
Breathe and be here
Breathe and be now

Allow your spirit to be receptive. Be receptive

Everything that you want
Is available to you now
Everything that you need you already have
There are no voids in the universe
There are no voids within you
Creation is abundant, infinite
Ever-expanding, boundless
Though you live in creation
Creation also lives in you
You are abundant, infinite
Ever-expanding, boundless
Remove all thoughts of lack and
Limitation from your consciousness
There is no such thing as lack
There are no limitations

The only limit is your mind
Let your mind expand
Let your consciousness expand
Inhale deeply. Let your mind expand
Exhale completely. Let your consciousness expand

Success is all around you
Success is within you
Wealth is all around you
Wealth is within you
Growth is all around you
Growth is within you
You are an abundant and attract force
You are an abundant and attract force
Everything that you want
Is available to you now
Everything that you need, you already have