You Are Free
I used to wonder if life was meant for me
After all the pain and abuse I suffered mentally
I used to look up in the skies in disbelief
In the philosophies of God and divinity
Like what happened to love. What happened
To mercy and sympathy. If there is a such
Thing as heaven, you’ve got to be kidding me
Because life on earth is killing me literally
Contemplating suicide I was ready to die
Until I searched within and found heaven inside
Until I loved myself and found heaven inside
I came to find and realize that there is a God
In every soul and every mind
We are That we are Divine

Never lose sight of the Light in you
Never lose touch with the Love in you
I write these words to let you know
That I’m proud of you. Thank you for
Never giving up on the God in you
There is a God in you

Never give up on the God in you