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Jungkook (BTS)

"Still With You (English Translated Lyrics)"

Hear your faint voice in my head, a distant memory
Would you please call my name one more time just for me?

Although I stand under the sunset frozen in time
Step by step, I will walk, close the space between us
Still with you

There is no light, the darkness fills this room
I know I shouldn’t feel this way but again I’m used to it

Quiet sounds of the AC
I hear them from afar
If I don’t even have this then
I’ll really fall apart

We laugh as one
We cry as one
I guess the simple feelings then were everything to me

I wonder when I’ll see you, if I see your face again
Looking in your eyes, I’ll tell you
I’ve missed you for so long

All alone in my ecstasy
Like in a memory
Even when I dance it rains
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