Yung Gus
Ayy yo, what up?
Yo, this Lil Ugly Mane
2010, just sayin' what's up y'all
And all y'all haters up in the 2010 who wanna come at me
Wanna come at Lil Ugly Mane, I got one thing to tell y'all
Motherf**kin' get back
Lil Ugly Mane don't give a f**k about none of y'all haters
He'll put a motherf**kin' bullet, motherf**kin' bullet, motherf**kin' butcher knife all up in this sh*t
Don't even f**k with it
Lil Ugly Mane 2010, yo this the mixtape
This a new one, this a single, this a single, mane
Lil Ugly Mane
Ayy, ayy, ayy
Yo, step the f**k back hater, I'm comin' right for you