Yung Gus
I’m Sorry, I Like You
I’m sorry But i think I really like you
Your friends say I’m a dog well I’m not tryna bite you I wanna go on dates go to forests we can bike through
I wanna ask you out but I don’t know if you would like to I wanna sneak out so I can see your pretty face at night or go into the city run around fly some kites
White teeth blonde hair smile shine so bright whenever I hear your voice Girl swear I shake with fright
Life without you, nothing could ever be worse life without you
Life with you my future is truly set
I’m a Montague capulet my Juliet
Got my words jibber jabbish like I’m speaking alphabet
You and I sound great together like the clarinet not heavyset
And I promise I won’t play you like piano
Don’t worry about me cheating I’m as loyal as soprano
It won’t matter where we go porque todo contigo es muy divertido