Kenny Allstar
Mad About Bars
**First Beat**

Drug squad trident tryna interview
Make you see this crazy game from a different view
Most me and my n***as came up off a lick or two
Some are still slanging, some are banging eating prison food
Wrap that up as a sample, watch what that pick will do
Show that n***a to much love, watch what that prick will do
N***as talking, n***as scheming, but ain't going any further cah they know that we will show them what that stick will do
Just left tickle me, undies in the car but I ain't she ask me if I got it, I said I only got a bit on me
N***as don't know hunger, they don't know no misery
15 serving cats twice the size big as me
We came up young sleeping at KB's
Slanging in the motor, in the summer no AC
No Nando's, toast and some baked beans, tuna and pasta
We getting bored of f**king grating the same cheese
Now when we shot, we shot hard
And when we cop, we cop large
I got the pot, I drop soft
I rock a rock, it turn hard
Now let me tell you about my apprentice, on my life he will get you if you try touch my necklace
Young g love the trap he so reckless
All he wanna know is, big big bro when can I go to the dentist (Ah)
Cah he wanna put some gold in his teeth
I'm the one, I'm the one, I put them O's in them streets (Ah)
First yout to go and shut down that town properly
So all the local jakes know that its me
I tell her slow it down baby take time
Whipping work up in the trap, show me that puss on face-time
2017 the games ours, the games mine
Saying that he's getting it, but its straight line (Ah)
Free goddy ,that's a legend on the strip, that n***a whip it, then he stretch, then he pebble every bit (Ah)
Bagged with the whamy metal on his hip, free the 9 when he's home he's getting definitely rich (Ah)
**Second Beat**

I can kill any beat that they put me on
I was broke telling olders to put me on
Had to go serve feens, cus them books were long
Big nine inch blade with my hoodie on
Big am-am zoot take it right to the head
I was nine getting high feel it right in my chest
Feel it right in my chest
Man will light up the place, f**k a right and a left
Had to put down the lean for this one
Told bro, I'ma go mean on this one
My hears beat M screams on this one, big four four no beam for this one
I'm the guy who the gyal get mad over
Big four four in your face, hand over
Jump on any beat and tan over
See an opp I'm like you'll get ran over
Man already took how many flows?
Chat sh*t, get a smacked lip, that's you
Done rob man, done robbed many O's
Active and attractive that's me
Active and attractive that's me
Cunch line, mid day boy I done a bag 3
Local jakes tryna grab me
Tell them calm down man it isn't that deep
N***as think cuz he got him a one pop
Big boy now cah he got him a one box
Bando boy cah he got him a one blocks
Still make your little bro jump on my cunch spot
Bar for bar n***as ain't got sh*t on me
Man are grime youts, rap youts literally
See me at the show, 6 year risk on me
My lil bro shoot the whole place literally
And that ain't no punch line
I jump on the beat and its lunch time
They jump on the beat and its drills, guns, ops
Have a n***as heart jump out there mouths and its crunch time
I hit that town, 3g packs, blend in converse backpack
Tell my little n***a go bank that, man I just vast that wham that
My girls so foreign got my name tatted, man I just grab that, bang that
That coke in the Pyrex still hot, turn on the tap and just splash that
Recky fill it up go wack that
Everybody on the seen go wack that
Tell kit jump out, just do man
Everybody that you see go ramz that (Yeah)
Work magic that David Blaine
Learnt how to whip work and it ain't the same
N***as tellin my that singing ting ain't my lane
Jumped on a grime ting, just make it flame
Man will kick down anything, I'm a beast in the game so menacing
Deep fry man, lemon and pepper wing
Kitty's calling all night for that pepa ting