Kenny Allstar
Mad About Bars (Spotify Special)
[Intro: Kenny Allstar x Abra Cadabra]
Ayy Abz, you remember the last time we done this right?
I don't think they like it when we link up
But were just gonna link up again
So Mad About Bars
Let me re-introdude you to him
One of my favourite MC's... Abra Cadabra

[Verse: Abra Cadabra]
We crash, they dash
God bless the souls that get cash
Still screaming "f**k the opps there all rats"
Shut your mouth, you're not bad
Hockz pulling up in a 4 door swerve
Man spot the opps and reverse
Just look at them nerds
Why we wasting the time on these j*rks?
New dippers tryna upset mums
Aim for the heart or lung
Blud, are you dumb?
Just tek' way yourself, just tek' way yourself
Cah you don't wanna meet my gun
You wan' flex for a diss track
Pu**y you're bad
Tell me why the f**k you run?
Anything green get rasclart bun
Old school opps tryna send threats
Like a grandad won't get cheffed
Lean to the left or right
Like headie that's one rambo maneuvre with 'tekk
Bare K's and K's on the other side
Look how that ended up
Tired, now they ain't sending much
Burners, now they ain't spending much
Man done kick down doors
Had some eediat snotted on the floor
They could have got shot
They could have got bored
But they all crawled and stayed on all fours
What the f**k you thought made JV raise the hammer like Thor?
Man done know already man in no talk
Any loose chat send box to mans door
Mans j*rking man's plants
If they've got the right stuff I'm taking grub
Finessing mans bud
You definitely gone mad
You think I'm running that back
Suck your mudda
Stop chatting on the phone, thinking I'm tryna get bagged
Stop moving like you smoke crack
Come try and get your sh*t back
I'm phoning up 6 shots with the 6 shots
Suttin' finna go down
Hop out the car, boom-bow
Suttin' gonna 100% get licked down
Still out here with my drillers
Still out with my OF drillers
Still ducking down opps with my sinners
Four, six shots with the spinners
[Intro: Kenny Allstar]
Alright, how you gonna hate?
How you gonna hate, when I always deliver?
It's that big f-off Mad About Bars
Abra Cadabra, big up the Ounto's
Getting me so ga**ed right now
Let me just cool off