Kenny Allstar
Mad About Bars
[Intro: Kenny Allstar]
Mad About Bars
I know you lot have been waiting for this one
And believe me we ain't leaving, until we got another cla**ic
So Digga D, let's give the streets what they really want
Mad About Bars, we're back
Cut tru' Digga

If they get nicked with the cannon
They won't stay real and sing like Mariah
Conspire to change my attire
Rise that fryer and burn that liar
Bro known rider
He got down three and they all turned choir
And prior, prior, prior to this sixteen or higher
The opps turned bro to a lifer
300s, leathers on, no biker
And I was the only guy my age in West London with a sniper
See a man's eyes roll back from a chest shot attack
Free broski Striker
Or I press on a one .32
But I ain't tryna find out my number on Lyca
Them man act for the net
But that's not how they are off set
And when me and my amigos pull up
They take off, make off, they're wet
Still bake off where shh got cheffed
Trap pays off, I still get bread
No days off, I miss my bed
Still blaze off, ay, fling that lead
Who's dem yutes? Spin that ped
Do it like Bruce, ching that head
I learnt from Cruz now I bring back Zs
Bro drop mad work, that weight get benched
Do it like Ratlin, hop that fence
But I bet you still get ching-ching
So it don't make no sense
So it don't make no sense
Got a pack just in, that's Bieber
On a Friday battering fish
But the Sunday coming ain't Easter
Little bro don't know how to whip
He wants white wash, no FIFA
He told me he got it on tick
Ay, take that sh*t and go buy a new beater
Caasis, caasis, the akhis call us caasis
Askar tryna raid mans guri, they want man back in xabsi
Grab the xabad, I'm charged up fully
Mask and hoodie, jump out the pa**y
Really tryna bullet that boy
No Walters, I ain't doing up Ashley
I look psychotic when man get wa**y
I need me a stain, now I'm searching, Finding Nemo
Add bash to the Bobby
See man got brown, no Nino
His silk gon' cut when I back that smoke
The nurse ain't using chemo
Don got dipped cah he tried run
I caught him a st**ch, no Lilo
How much do you wanna B-E-T if I step on a Five with a Star
Suttin' gon' end up on BBC if I tell bro stop that car
Film in the four, two guns, take one, we're rolling
Lights, camera, action, cut-cut when I soak him
Ian's proper, every morning phones my blower
Food on fleek, take two of each, I call that Noah
Twelve for a oner, or take more, I don't go no lower
And if Drip don't answer his phone
Then I'm all alone tryna bring back yola
Pyrex living, Pyrex whipping
Splash in the kitchen, get it back over
Brown and cute like Keisha
I can't lie Lisa, a real life moaner
Been getting these P's, ten point five of the baking soda
She wan' jump up, mash up the place
Pallance b*t*h, this ain't no soca
Kenny Allstar