Kenny Allstar
Voice of The Streets Freestyle
Part 1

[Intro: Kenny Allstar, PS]
So, a lot of people have been getting on to me about doing a freestyle with this guy
And I said, look, I know what I'm doing
The time is gonna come and it's gonna be done properly
And the maddest thing is, we're doing this on a national platform for the world to hear
PS, welcome back brother
Come on, come on, Hitsquad
My bro, this is a big platform you know
Yeah, come on, I see that, I see it still
You ready to do this?
Been preeing, yeah, come on
Oi, this is what the Voice of the Streets freestyles are about blud
Trust me, you know I'm back
Oi, PS you gotta talk to them
Free the guys man, bang your doors, Peckham in the building

[Verse 1]
We see the opps, they dash into shops, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney soup
Or it's Squeez or normy
Kwengface just lean with the-
I miss my bros, all my Hitsquads, you know we hit dons, yeah, yeah, surely
Why else would my bros on the run, guns, I'm in jail eating Ko-Lee
I'm no artist, it's a hobby
If I don't make it, still on the pavement, still do road for the money
They got bars but got no arms, they do this for the honeys
On colly, beef Hitsquad this don's off the Molly
Bro said all you gotta do is tap, brap, brap, bored it gentle
I miss my bro, it's mental, bro too mental
We got sticks on deck, sticks got lead, suttin' like pencils
Fill it with teeth, no ahh, ahh, fill it with teeth, no dental
Fill it with teeth, no-
In the field like some tractors, flip the script on them actors
Hitsquad, we pull up and what happens? Like some Anglo-Saxons
[?] even with a or he's got that thing on my mattress
I'm the sh*t, I need Pampers, [?], if they're sh*t I throw tantrums
Don't step on my Fazos, two dot-dots, no ratio
Out 'ere, still on the block like J-Lo, huh, we got guns like NATO
Been on badness, got no halo, don't give a f**k what they know
They can't prove it, got that case closed, I'm on you, best lay low
In that German whip, pull up, brap, brap, Hitsquad hit dons, that's that
I miss ***** like Mad Max, gyally on me got a fat back
Oh sh*t man, tap dat, get a cap with a strap, no snapback
Riding, no sat nav
Might go circle, back beef with my bro, my circle
Them man washed like Persil, get stained, business, not personal
Might go circle, beef with my bro that's-huh
Them man washed like-huh
Look, like
I'm a 5 star chef, yes, so fry that Michelin
Know about about P, that's why they see me and then they start shivering
Gyally wan' chill and bill, take couple pills then I'm frigging it
Anyting B get ahh, ahh, anyting B I'm-, he came back and I call him Lazarus
I don't trust no soul but I'm with bro, that's Judas' Iscariot
Came with big bro, he got dough, the effort was valiant
Hitsquad's on violence, riding, riding with my battalion
Hit it up from the back, oh damn, Jesus of Nazareth
I should run but my pride won't let me
I'm a young tug', cuz, I'm a Young Thug like Jeffery
About Volvo, I was ga**ed up in the can like my name's Pepsi
Big ting, so deadly, I ain't J Hus, I ain't friendly
Part 2

[Intro: Kenny Allstar, PS]
Ayy, ayy, 1Xtra this is why we had to do this on this platform
Come on
Really and truly
The world needs to see what's really going on
One of the hardest in drill
Pecknarm, Pecknarm stan' up

[Verse 1]
Look, if it's on tops, I'll back my phone out
Mash work, snap, I zone out, I bone out, and when it claps it's so loud
Get out the way or we'll slap the whole crowd
Big ting and if bro park up, put him in a zoot when the post bark up
J*rking plugs, phone charge up, cats ordering their tea, this ain't no Starbucks
I'm so charged up, I'm ga**ed up fully, riding out in a blacked out hoodie
Middle of winter, I'm feeling hot, cah the D's on me, plus I keep it tucked
That's the heater
Alpha rolling with the beater
Or I got a chinger in my jeans-ah, I missed his head only by a millimetre
I'm an ape darg, call me Caesar
Gyally on me, talking 'bout cuffs, moving like a undie
Tryna see racks, chilling with a junkie, I can vouch for Kweng, he makes his gun beat
Hitsquad, how you think we got ***** darg
We all trap hard, you just rap hard, bro doing M trips with a bad broad
And you already know where the packs are, I been up and down like I tap dance
Where the cats are, like a lonely chick, bare cats and you know they don't owe me sh*t
Cah I ain't got tourette's so they won't t ticks
This is that gangster sh*t, Pecknizzy, the place where the gangsters live
Yeah, my n***as roll round with ***** sh*t or smoke, do you wanna know what cancer is?
Get smoked in your lung like shh shh, yeah, yeah my n***as put dons on the TV
Bro rev up the 1-2cc
It's a gun, not a GG, see me, I'm the one that rides out
***** If I say I'm on you, you better hide out, tryna do it like the trapline, that's lights out
And, If I'm low then I'm running in the trap house
Can't blame me, I just wanna see thousands, bro rose with a gun in his trousers
Or the dot-dot, pops off then we're bouncing
Zone, deep thoughts with the loudest smoke
Yeah, he raps good but the clown's unknown
All my bro's making thousands, yo, cah the lines jump like a crowded show
Zone, deep thoughts with the loudest smoke
Yeah, he raps good but the clown's unknown
All my bro's making thousands, yo, cah the lines all jump like a crowded-uh
[Outro: Kenny Allstar, PS]
Oi, listen to this, hear what I'm gonna say
You notice how he didn't need a phone to do that, yeah
Come on
Let's pay attention to that
And also, understand he's been away for a little while, he's come back and just done that at a big platform like this
Come on man, come on
This is what I'm saying, people ask me, why do still support drill? Why you like drill so much?
'Cause of moments like this, PS
Come on
My brudda, that was epic, that was epic and that might even go down as a legendary freestyle, you must say that