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Kenny Allstar

"Mad About Bars"

[Intro - Kenny Allstar]
Listen up
Time to bring some variety on the platform
These man are so cold with it
Sam Wise

[Part I]

[Verse 1 - BlazeYL]
D Squared jumper, Stevie I Wonder
Are you my lover, are you gonna ride?
Never knew she had a big back bumper, dump her
She's too quick with the lies
Close them curtains, the bud looks certi
Kermit, the green smoke nice
On the top floor of Duck & Waffle
She's riding me for the night
Hello, hi
I could never be that guy
Like how do you rate them dons?
Them man are all washed no tide
Bye, left that gyal on the side
She come two-two needy, meady
On my bike she rides
Off set with the bro's, smoke weed take off
Where my Migos gone?
f*ck the fake in the air like a weave thrown off
Them man think like thots
Two two step with the bro's, adva,nce
We got drip, this Flair is ours
And she move way too fast
Sonic stop it, ringing bout love
And we throw sauce like curry
Steph Curry
I hit that shot, I hit it up in a hurry
For money
I lift it up I got bands in my hands
Simba ting with the monkey
I'm feeling lit, come and do it for the gang
Please don't get way too comfy
Had to tell her low all the f*ckery

[Verse 2 - Sam Wise]
DIY when I used to splash the paint on my jeans
Super fly in the sky, the haters all below me
I like weed, I like juice, but sometimes I stay sober
Shout out Seshy, that's my bro, he's a f*cking soldier
Fam I told ya
She might let it shake like soca
I'm moving forward, I'm a striker, Anelka
f*ck you mean you ain't flexing on me? Oi little ass boy
Know it ain't much we can get it round there, me and my boy
I've got green, no pak choi
I'm on the A3 with a 10/10 but she used to chat to my boy
I got some bankrolls like Lloyds
I left my old ting in the Voy
Look at this sauce, nothing like soy
I know your type, yeah to a tee
H-O-P print on my tee
And I'm with T sipping on tea

[Verse 3 - BlazeYL]
Step in the dance like "Hello"
I ain't your average fellow
The bridge got burned no comeback
Cah he ain't trying to build like Lego
I turned we're handle, closed them doors
No trace, no case, ain't no sauce
I'm in the next ends with the bro's on tour
They thought I taught this n*ggas to ball
I sweep them punks over there
Sweet one, come over here
She go down, level A
Ain't no date, stop it there
Beat and bounce, and what there
She said I make her moan, I'm rough, pull hair
I bruk that back, no toss, no care
She do it for me and me and only

[Verse 4 - Sam Wise]
Fully lit
I walk like I could never sh*t
Off this sh*t
I walk with Off-White on my hip
I know a ho that knows a ho that knows a ho
She ain't f*cking with your broke self no more
Need a peng ting to come and show me what she learned on the block like J-Lo
Turn up the f*cking weed in my room it's either yellow or mellow
Bagged three fives in a plastic bag
It looked like I was trying to do caine rolls
Buss something like Alan Sugar
If you do your job well I can put you on a payroll
And that's word

[Verse 5 - BlazeYL]
Spondoolies, that's cheddar
Might do a U-ie, no Trevor
My life a movie, adventure
I thought you knew me, you never, ayy
Sauce dripping puddles
Only f*cking with it if it gets doubled
Me and bro that's double trouble
You know gang that's a load of muscle, ayy

[Verse 6 - Sam Wise]
The one that did it, the one that bleeds it
Yeah I flipped it then I cleaned it
Hot boy, top boy, man been on fire
Don't do no cheap calls like Lyca
Calling shots worth a lot
Used to put the packs in the pot
Take backroads to your spot
Real hustle, money, rocks

[Interlude - Kenny Allstar]
So for a few years now
I've been f*cking with House Of Pharoahs wave
Hop on board

[Part II]

[Verse 1 - Sam Wise]
If you want me it will cost, don't do no freebies
She will FaceTime me her pus*y cah she freaky
Got me tripping she my weakness, my Kiki
Grab her throat, when I skeet
Sit on my gear stick and I film that like Keatz
Your ex-man preeing on me, f*cking neek
And bro just got him a cheque, yeah that's neet
Sucked me off on her knees, she believes

[Verse 2 - BlazeYL]
Oi oi
Why you trying to stunt for?
Calamari for starters
Hit that shot, gotta hit more
Andy Murray, I'm starting
Switch them lanes, I switch
Oh no, b*tch I'm departing
Shift that position, I hit
Oh woah, her back I arch it
Bro said she look naughty, call me Messi I assist
They said I'm too ill cah all these tracks I make are sick
I told bro "You're real" cah he stayed real straight from the [?]
Tap that button or call me, I'm the one you always need

[Verse 3 - Sam Wise]
Pack just land
Phone just rang
Still beg friend
You're moving mad
I must can blow
If I keep it gang
Something like yard overseas
I'm somewhere chill on a beach and I don't even tan
Just suck me good and make me splash
Pull up and do the digital dash for cash
We could go back to back
On me, I'm getting it back
The pus*y was good, attitude stank
Mad fans still on my back
Asking for tracks
I'm working on that though
Late for a show
Hop in a cab
Tell him "Hurry and go!"

[Verse 4 - BlazeYL]
I feel elite with two G's, ain't no Gucci flip-flops
We ain't the same, I'm on a plane, I'm just trying to take off
And I got a bad one on her knees, watch her go go go
She wanna top me with no T's, b*tch go slow slow slow
Young n*gga stepped in waving
She's on me, it's blatant
Pack come 10/10
Love for the plug, put faith in
Step in the dance, it's a rave ting
No Plain Jane ting
Money I'm making
Bare security at the door
Had to pause that one no risk-taking
On the M-Way doing up touring

[Outro - Kenny Allstar]
There you have it
Sam Wise
Big up the House Of Pharoahs ten times
Don't forget The Seasons EP out now
Take in the content man

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