Yoshi Commits Tax Fraud
Warning, this disk is for use with the Sega CD system only
This disk contains CD-ROM data and is not for audio use

[Verse 1]
Throwing hands, you catching like CJ
Got your girl in my bed she givin' me a BJ
Yea I'm self made, ooh I don't need a DJ
Killin' that sh*t when I hop out on the beat, aye
Getting that bread, getting that wheat, aye
Pull up to the thread, and I'm beating up my meat, aye
B*t*h I'm gonna finish I'm not watching Cars 3, aye
Just see your girl and she hanging on my tree, aye
Just take your b*t*h, taking off her Nike's
Sit in the back, I'm slurpin' her like a Icy
If you want smoke, sh*t's gonna get dicey
I ain't wearing Gucci, that sh*t is too pricey
This sh*t too easy, it's only a hobby
I'm talking my sh*t, back it up like a copy
Only day one, so that sh*t is from c*cky
After this, I'mma go hit up a thotty

This disk contains CD rom data that may damage your audio system
Please stop playing this disk immediately

[Verse 2]
Winning the game but I don't need a cheat code
She gave me her t**ties but I'm into feet though
These people be hating I'm spitting this eco
These haters is cancer I'm gonna need chemo
B*t*h you know I'm flaming hot like a cheeto
B*t*h you know I've too tight jeans call me Speedo
Soon I'll be in the hills, I don't mean Chino
Soon they'll be bumping this sh*t in Toledo
Slide in her dm's, I don't even ski though
I'm MLG, Mountain Dew and Doritos
I'm balling out, I ain't talking no free throw
I send that b*t*h walking but she on her knees though