Taylor Trensch
Most words seem to fall empty, but I'll try
We make choices
When we feel like we don't have any
There's always a choice

We know, or we should know, that he's in a better place
But we'll always ask ourselves if there's something more that could've been done
That's natural

(Peter enters)

Oh, Peter. How are you?
Sad day for everyone
We're all feeling such a jumble of emotions

He went to you for guidance
You hid behind a screen
Knowing how much empathy might mean

You said to come to you
You told us if we shared
Lost in the teachings was a boy so all alone and scared

Father what we had was love
And that's what I find so odd
Our love was pure
And nothing else brought me closer to god

[PETER, spoken]
You asked me to let you know when I found clarity. There you go