6 Gang

Need to clear my mind
Man I need some empty space
Insufficient space is what my mind is based
Fiji wash down that Xanax bar taste
All my b*t*hes bad man, Yeah that’s 4k
You that too fake
You just too lame
To hang with the greats
Man you gotta get away
I’ll put your a** to pain
Then throw some f**king shame
Just catch your a** slippin’
While you walkin’ through the shade
Samurai Ninja
Always strapped with the blade
I’ll catch your a** slippin’
That’ll be your last day
Marijuana smokin’
Got the louis on my waist
Smokin’ on the porch
With a blunt to my face
Rain pourin’ down man
It’s got a good taste
Lookin’ all around
And all I see is fake yeah
Lookin’ all around and
Yeah, yeah, all I see is fake
Washed out in diamond
Look in my direction
And you’ll be blinded
And I’ve been grinding
Tryna make it to the top
But these fake n***as
Yeah they really need to f**kin stop
I’m gonna f**kin’ drop
I’m gonna f**kin’ pop
This whole damn Glock
On your whole damn squad b*t*h
F**k y’all

6 Gang