Oh, no
Got me runnin' in circles I can't stop thinkin' 'bout you
I felt so lost, I should've held onto the feeling when it felt true
Too many nights tryna numb my pain
Sipping Cognac straight to the brain
Tell myself it'll be okay
I know we're lost but we'll find our way

[Verse 2: 6obby]
Pour a drink for me and you, skies are gray but I'm so blue
My overdose is overdue but baby I'm not over you
This life's a game I'm 'bout to lose
I hate myself because of you
Wanna cop a better view, and always try to keep it true
But why you f**kin' with my head
Think of all the times when we laid in bed
I don't feel a thing so I pretend
B*t*h, I'm rolling up the gas and you know it never ends
Tears fallin' down so I wipe it with some racks
Bad little b*t*h said she wanna throw it back
One night stand, no it's never gonna last
This time last year they joking with me, give me a laugh
Pull up with the gas, always rolling up the pack
Call me xCodeh when I'm smoking on the wax
Only 19 but my life be moving fast
I don't got no time to stop and think about the past

These people keep talking but I don't care for no nonsense
You know I'm steady rolling blunts and I do it with caution
Lately been nauseous, and I don't care for no profits
I swear this sh*t is a disease and ain't no drug that can stop it
I be off the grid, so far off the map
Smoking and I'm drinking 'til my vision turning black
I be on the path straight to self-destruction
Swear to god I wasn't lying when I told you that I'm broken, yeah