So depressed but with the smile face
They say they love me but can never take the pain away
Life's a movie and I always gotta stay in place
And if they ever talkin' sh*t know I won't be phased
See I was taught I needed high school and I had to pa**
I got the paper but I didn't even learn from cla**
And to be honest I don't think I even needed that
'Cause I be smokin' on this bud and now my pockets fat
And all the ones who talkin' sh*t you know I gotta laugh
'Cause I did this on my own and I ain't lookin' back
And every time I'm happy you know they be gettin' mad
Tell me why you hatin' on a kid who's getting cash
I be with my homies and you know we smokin' gas
In the Lexus and you know that we be goin' fast
People fakin', I be seein' through 'em like they gla**
Call me Jimmy Neutron, you know that I gotta blast
F**k a b*t*h 'cause you know I be all about my cash
Pourin' lean and smokin' dope, lookin' like I'm ash
Always looking for some love but I know that we won't last
Catch me in the Uber, double G's all on my cap
Catch me in the Uber, you know that I'm dressed in black
I be high as f**k and poppin' xannies like a tac
I'm gettin' all this money, I won't ever go back
And if you ever got some green, you know I got the pack
Call me custom grow with the way I'm smoking dabs
I pray to God but I don't think he gon' answer back
And man it's only polos, ain't no f**king snapbacks
Emo b*t*h, red hair, she gon' throw it back
I just got a check, I spent it on a backpack
Cruisin' through the city with a couple Polo caps
People talk some sh*t and now they tryna take it back
With my homies and you know that we be rollin' sacs
People sayin' "check my link" but that sh*t be trash
F**k you mean, I'm rollin' dope up in a Cadillac
With my homies and I promise I ain't goin' back
All these people snortin' coke but that sh*t be wack
I be rollin' up a backwood and I make it fat
Just a youngin and I finally came up out the dark
Yeah you jealous but they all know this is just a start
I started off with nothing, now they know I'm goin' far
Yeah, I'm goin' far
I'm goin' far, ayy
I'm goin' far, ayy
Ayy, see me goin' far, ayy
Ayy, I'm goin' far