​the world that never was (remix)
[Verse 1: 6obby]
I'm just a nobody
That's what they all told me
I cannot do sh*t right
Can't even sleep at night
Can't stand this stress, I'm done
I'm always on the run
But I end up lost in the world that never was
And don't trust me
'Cause I will let you down
And I feel like no one ever wants me round
I lay in bed at night
I sit and I just cry
I feel it all the time
I swear I hate my life
Why do I even try?
Cannot live this life
I really want to die
Every day is a strive
Just to stay alive
These hearts they fall apart tonight, these hearts they fall apart tonight

[Bridge: shinigami]
The silent hearts, they fall apart
And I wonder
That if the world falls, will it be the end of it all?
And the throes of heart, I'm spazzing
I feel my skin begin to ride
Ripping me away, from everything I love
In the world that never was

[Verse 2: 6obby]
My head is so f**ked up
I'm losing all I love
And learning just to hate
I need to get away
I cannot fight this pain
These clouds, they always rain
And this is just a stain that you can't wash away