Original Cast Soundtrack
Medley: Opening Titles / Tender Shepherd
[Wendy, spoken]
Stars are beautiful
But they may not take an active part in anything
They must just look on forever
The older ones have become glossy-eyed in seldom speak
But the little ones still wonder
They are not really friendly to Peter Pan
Who has a mischievous way of sneaking up behind them and trying to blow them out
But they are so fond of fun, that they were on his side tonight
And anxious to get the grown-ups out of the way
As soon as Mr. and Mrs. Darling were out of the house, the smallest of the stars in the Milky Way screamed out, "Now Peter!"

[Mrs. Darling, spoken]
Oh dear, I wish I weren't going out to dinner tonight

[Michael, spoken]
Can anything harm us mother, after the night lights are out?

[Mrs. Darling, spoken]
Oh, nothing precious
They are the eyes a mother leaves behind
To guard her children
Now, sing your "goodnight song" and into bed

Tender shepherd, tender shepherd
Let me help you count your sheep
One in the meadow
Two in the garden
Three in the nursery
Fast asleep
[Mrs. Darling, spoken]
Goodnight dear, fast asleep

One say your prayers and

Two close your eyes and

Three safe and happily fall asleep
Fall asleep
Fall asleep

[Mrs. Darling, spoken]
Fall asleep
Dear night lights, let protect my sleeping children
Burn clear and stead fast tonight