[Hook: X|F]

Yeah, we got the wax, yeah, we got the wax, yeah, we got the wax, yeah, we got the...

[Verse 1: X|F]

N***a we ain't waste time, I done heard everything through the grape vine, here for that a** yeah this is date line, let it pa**, we continue 'em (continuum) like the space time, no loss, we just come across like a waist line, so you know a n***a ain't never finna take mine, when the plug snitching over iPhones in the court to the judge, I be cuffed saying, "wanna facetime?", it's f**ked up, shut the f**k up, get them bucks up, wa**up?, playing chips tryna get my luck up, boy pa** me a milli, tryna stack to the ceiling, all this f**king cash ima come up, (we here) so listen up, (yeah) I'm just tryna run, (sh*t) off the wax and I'm so gone that I can't even function, all my n***as is wildin', all my n***as is ready, all my b*t*hes come back, I trap your queen with my fetty, wap, all about the green, and for it I get deadly I'm, tryna make a million dollar plan, on the beach with the sand, and a boat with a heavy, yacht, boasted that toaster, hold up, ain't mad that you bone your shoulder, flipping like it's Motorola, I'm high with the f**king sober

[Hook: X|F]

[Verse 2: K.A.A.N.]

One time from the mind of the realest of n***as that every got up on a beat though, flow like a speedboat, speaking of a dream, ima need those, got a problem with it?, the quicker a n***a spit it, they livid, a sicker feeling, a villain up in the building, devising it with a plan, the man, you understand?, never taking it for granted, a vantage point and vindicated, definitive, integrated, I make it revolve, I bet the consequence that constantly complicated, the syndicate is cynical, and soothing the sentence would never send my love, but I can guarantee these n***as are actin' feminine, I give a realer energy, hoping you feel the sentiment, it's evident, and prevalent, mistakenly malevolent, but you should never treat it like it's minuscule at all, when I got a bigger vision I give you, leave you appalled, I can only speak the truth, and you see this sh*t is a fault, calligraphy in the lyrics, I've written up on the wall, n***a I can never stop, oh lord, I'm looking for the answer but them n***as don't know, it ain't about the bullsh*t, it's all about the work, ima do it until the tendons are tearing inside of the hand that I write with, decisive, enlightened, you know that you like it, I'm a lyrical {?}, defined and I got tenacity, deterring {?} and hearing me, televising a masterpiece, lawd


We got the wax

[Verse 3: (Faiz?)]

I'm in an uber catching that bop, a free ride never crossed her mind, she squirting all on my watch, so you could say that she came on time, but I might just be the nicest as I write this, and coming off the head like it's motherf**king ISIS, righteous, tryna live that good life, but my mind got drive like Suge Knight, I'm sipping liquor with some b*t*hes that's mimicking all my gimmicks, {?} in the air like it's quidditch, and I'm kicking it with some twins so go home roger, these hoes wanna do a little on the doctor, what's popping mami, tryan get it popping like a cologne, I'm preppy, no preparation, when I just make her holler, but ironic, I'm on it, if you really talking Iguala with the commas, never worry 'bout the consequence and karma, off the wax so I'm lit, and these b*t*hes always goosing me, if she choosing, that's not your b*t*h, I'm sorry better luck next time my g, we out in Miami, we popping like xannies, I'm whipping a jet ski, my socks getting sandy, the land of Latinas, she popping them panties and taking my kids, I do not need a nanny

[Hook: X|F]