Veno Da Don
[Intro: Veno Da Don]
I think they still sleeping on me (ha ha)
I guess I gotta wake these mother f**kers up for real
Aight aight yeah

[Verse: Veno Da Don]
Coming through it's Young Veno yeah I think that I'm the sh*t
I said f**k going to college now I'm rapping to get rich
And if I don't make it soon I swear I might just hit a lick
Baby bottles full of Henney like I grew up off the sh*ts
I can't hang with you lames probably talking to the feds
I'm a crazy mother f**ker I forgot to take my meds
Gotta keep that pistol near me every time I go to bed
Just in case they try to kill me I put one into they head
I swear I grew up with killers they go hammer for a rack
I was just on the road now I'm trynna make it back
I got 20 b*t*hes on me now they twerking for a stack
She a fiend for the D like a n***a serving crack
I remember I was riding with my brodies smoking purp
Had to leave that sh*t alone it was time to put in work
I ain't wanna go to school I ain't even go to church
People getting in my way so a n***a had to swerve
I'm the hottest in my city you don't know then get a clue
I am not the f**king one you better watch the way you move
I ain't wanna go to parties I was grinding in the stu
Now it's 2016 I'm still mobbing with the crew
I done did a couple things that I wish I never did
But that's all that I can tell you can't get caught up in the mix
But I can tell you I ain't never have to cook a brick
Where I'm from if you not jugging then you probably just the lick
I'm just plotting on a milly and I gotta make it quick
Poppa told me "Chase that paper" I could never chase a b*t*h
I be keeping to myself cuz everybody is a snitch
Free my cousin Lil Mikey he still write me in the pin
And free Pauly & free Cammy out that penitentiary
And I always hated cops cuz they ain't did sh*t for me
In the hood they slanging dope cuz that's the only way they eat
If you got a closed mouth how the f**k am I gone feed
I'm just trynna be the man for my city in the 3
Trynna buy my mom a house cuz she don't wanna sign that lease
I'll keep yelling "Free my n***as" till the day they get released
R.I.P. my homie Clinkie I'm still throwing up them C's
I got sh*t all on my mind how the f**k you think I feel?
Young n***a had to grind cuz we gotta pay the bills
I got n***as turning fake on me they say that I'm too real
And the day y'all wake the f**k up is the day I'll sign a deal b*t*h!

[Outro: Veno Da Don]
Stop sleeping on me n***a (ha ha)
I think they awake now
I got it
I'm off this sh*t