Veno Da Don
Mayhem (Freestyle)

Uh, uh

[Verse 1]

It’s going down in this mutha f**ka, like 9/11
Life is such a gamble, roll dices, pray for a seven
My angels gone be proud, bet they blasting my sh*t in heaven
Just tryna get right with em before we see armageddon
I forgave some people, but nah I can not forget it
Remember a couple faces, been hating since the beginning
Now they want my spot like they ‘bout it, they just pretenders
Flexing a** n***as be capping, they too pretentious
The difference ‘tween our n***as, we clutching, you n***as clinching
I keep a burner on me, I’m cautious around my city
I get more love than hatred but f**k it, I’m posted with it
Never had to shoot a n***a but try me, I’ll squeeze the trigger
Had a knife pulled out on me in a fight, on sight
Had to beat that n***a a**, then take his bike, no more rides
N***as young as f**k but outchere going crazy, that’s on God
Don’t tell nobody you got sh*t, cuz you the first one they gone rob
It’s wicked in the Nap, these bodies dropping, mamas cry
You respect the shooter, but the one in front will never die
Even if a n***a offed me, just watch me come back alive
Show up to em on his birthday, then tell that n***a “surprise”
I’m a gifted n***a
I can’t hang around with timid n***as, b*t*h n***as
You can’t even beat my b*t*h n***a
This n***a, that you hear rapping, gone be it n***a
Big figures, by the summer, I’ll be a rich n***a


Mayhem the EP, it’s out now n***a
Intuition dropping soon, it’s going down n***a. Go ask these b*t*hes, I’m the hottest in my town n***a

[Verse 2]

I see you rappers on the low jocking my style n***a
I ain’t playing, know how I’m coming, I’m really on it
These n***as out to get me, ain’t worried, I’m feeling for em
I can’t move like a f**k n***a, so how you want it
Always the finisher, that’s regardless of who the starter n***a
Balling on these n***as, this a bang out
Chop it up, then get that bag like it’s take out
Police tryna solve a case, they on a stakeout
If the streets find out you a rat, what you gone say now
Type of sh*t to have you bleeding from the face down
Choppers popping, man down, bring the tape out
Type of beef they spill your ketchup, you can’t take out
Yeezy season bullet hoes, and you got some stains now
N***as mad, he a sourpuss
Throw his body in a flower bush
Then take his b*t*h, f**k her on the counter, that’s my caliber
If it’s good, she meet the calander
I upped my body count easy as algebra
Papa said “Don’t let these girls knock you out your zone”
You get trapped, she try to take everything that you own
You make it big, keep the hustle like you still broke
I talk hard no stuttering, but i walk hard like steel toes
J.B. was big bro, and we was fresh like mentos Same n***a from day one, even when he moved, stayed ten toes
Don’t play about the money, that’s the sh*t my n***as hit for
Don’t disrespect the gang, you already know how the sh*t go
N***as mad cuz I’m the reason why they b*t*h go
At first she was a dancer, I turned her into a nympho
The burbs had Shell, in the hood you went to the Citgo
No way y’all shaped a n***a, I been solid from the get-go
Y.G.B.B. repping, get damaged or get with it
My n***as they gone press you, don’t think of taking my pendant
Got b*t*hes out here stressing over your boy, they in they feelings
Even had this one b*t*h riding, I’m thinking I should start pimping
Stay in your lane, quit the b*t*hing, and go get it
I f**k with real women, know how to play they position
You watch my every move, n***as jealous the way I’m living
Cuz I’m the type to step up my hustle, and go and get it n***a
My girl cheated, so my heart been turning colder
Put her in a song, that’s the only thing i owe her
I’m hard headed, guess I never listen
My arm broke, i made this tape to fix it
Lookout for intuition