Veno Da Don
My uncle told me
“The best music comes from when you go thru some sh*t in life”
And i ain't know what he meant until now
Intuition n***a
Yeah, ugh, look

Life is a b*t*h, I keep protection while I’m in this sh*t
I ain't gone lie, before I do that, Imma plead the 5th
Just moved down south, I had my uncle take me to the 6
Said “N***a you can come from nothing... end up filthy rich”
Gotta believe all in myself, I know I'll make it big
I heard they wouldn’t hand it to me, had to take that sh*t
My n***as flipping P's & Q's, they had to take that risk
Stayed on our f**king P's & Q's we go hard than a b*t*h
Long days, even longer nights
I'm driving dirty, state to state, I can never just take a flight
Tryna cop a f**king ghost, Imma call it “The poltergeist”
Taking chances just to make it, shake the dice and roll it right n***a
You ain't starve with me, can't eat with me, can’t talk to me
You ain’t fall with me, can't ball with me, at all with me (Heh)
Starve with me, can’t eat with me, can't talk to me
Y'all n***as funny thinking you gon' get a dime from me
My n***as with me, they stayed down from the start
If you got cut off, it’s just business, please don't take it to heart
I run my city, walking round they like “That's Veno, he hard!”
If you don't know us, on my soul, you gon' find out who we are
This ain't a game, I can't slip up, that's why I'm playing it smart
I never froze up, never fold, that's how I'm playing my cards
Look, I said f**k a deal, know it's my time when i see rollies n***a
I ain't going back to eating noodles & bologna n***a
I keep solid n***as all around, I ain't the only n***a
Think that I'm pu**y, f**k that talking, you gotta show me n***a
You got me f**ked up if you think that you gon' hoe me n***a
You don't know me n***a, approach me and i go Tony n***a
I'm tryna flex up, f**k a check up, yes sir
Hop in that foreign, tell em “Catch up”
Seats red like ketchup
HoeDatsVeno next up
I dare a n***a, try to press us
He get messed up (Ahh)
They used to laugh at me, b*t*hes laughed at me
Had a knife stuck in my back, the world just took a stab at me
Now they see me on my grind, I bet you they gone clap for me
Same hoe that wouldn't go, I bet she throw it back for me
I just wanna live life, 12 f**king with me
Why they f**king with me
I ain't do nothing but flex on these n***as humbly
I ain't do nothing but make these children look up to me
See me do something these haters gon' f**k it for me
I stay high, f**k a DUI, I ain't whipping
Sipping actavis, she just realized, I'm that n***a
I'm in V Live, in that V.I., throwing hundreds
Strippers dancing on me whispered “tell me something”, “b*t*h I love it”
This is Intuition, a young n***a that followed his vision
I ain't following you b*t*hes
Hopefully y'all get the bigger picture
I stayed the same, guess that make me different
Same subject, just a different sentence, n***a