Veno Da Don
Play Fah Keeps
Young n***a
I go dumb n***a, for them funds, n***a
Play with me, i ain’t the one
N***as know how i come n***a

I’m smoking dope with the demons
She on my Willie, it’s beaming
Gave her the D, now she fiending
I had her wet, like she dreaming
We was on the west side, scheming
Stuck with my n***as, can’t leave em
Used to rock Fila, Fubu, Phat Farm
Now it’s red bottoms, I’m bleeding (hey)
I’m catching plays, no charges
I ain’t no thug, I’m a artist
No more features for free, b*t*h, I’m charging
Get no sleep, I be up, I was starving
I’m high off this earth, I’m a martian
No, I couldn’t get hired at target
Now that top is my mother f**king target
317 know who go the hardest, (aye)
Brody told me he the shooter, young n***a, stick to the rapping (aye)
Foxxo a mother f**king savage, you know he ain’t afraid to blast it (aye)
Shout out my cousin, down south, used to watch him get all of them pacs in (aye)
Shout out his OG, he taught my n***as how to wrap it in plastic (aye)
I was 13 watching Martin, dreaming of riding in Astons
That sh*t was way before i was a captain, rapped with a n***a named Ashton
That sh*t was way before they knew my name, young n***a, I was still spazzing
Now I’m that n***a now, and they look at you, talking like “bro used to have it”
B*t*h, I tried to f**k this lil’ b*t*h I had cla** with
She never let the kid smash it (aye)
Seen her in person last week, I was laughing
B*t*h, I’m like what the f**k happened (aye)
I’m from the Nap, b*t*h, I ain’t with the cappin
She throwing pu**y, I pa** it (aye)
Smoking gelato for my satisfaction, let’s see how long this one lasts us (aye)

Shake the demons, I get nightmares every time I sleep
Can’t trust no hoe, cause they be lying when it’s time to creep
We come from nothing, so it’s only right we play for keeps
We come from nothing, so it’s only right we play for keeps
They all told me, don’t get caught up in these streets, young n***a
Stay out the way and stack this cake, don’t start no beef, young n***a
You come from nothing, so I know you gotta play for keeps
My whole city come from nothing, so we play for keeps

That’s cool